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You will set aside time and cash and have significant serenity realizing your records are dealt with exactness and precision. Your day will be allowed to do what you set out from the beginning to work your business effectively. Our aptitude and direction will enable you to streamline and better comprehend your everyday operational assignments. You will have more opportunities to productively support your clients. Our year-end fiscal reports preparation and assessment form preparation charges are regularly half lower at that point for real bookkeeping firms. An impressive reserve fund. Why pay more? Contingent upon your needs, we offer hourly rates or level month-to-month charges on accounting administrations. We offer a pickup and conveyance administration effortlessly. Call us to plan a free consultation to figure out what your needs are


Accurate Record Keeping is a Key Component to the Success of your Business

We offer complete bookkeeping outsourcing – allowing you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. We’ll establish and manage a processing workflow fit for your business needs

Cash flow is the single most important aspect of your business. we will help regulate your cash flow for proper budgeting and projections – both vital to proper business and financial planning.

Our financial reporting services can help you improve your overall accounting processes and produce higher quality financial statements. Our goal is to enhance transparency, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

we can provide the assurance services you need when measuring the financial standing of your company.

Our firm can help with both annual tax return preparation and year-round tax minimization planning.

Receive a notice from the IRS? We can work on your behalf with the IRS to resolve back taxes, levies, liens, wage garnishment and more.

Are you looking to establish a new business in the States? Global Consultancy can help with entity selection, the registration process and more

Looking to implement or already using QuickBooks in your business? We can help setup, clean up and train staff on your QuickBooks accounting software.

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FBR (Tax returns, Income tax, Sales Tax matters)

Tax filing with IRS (US) for Corporations

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Companies registration with IRS , States (SOS) office , FTB

Non-Profit filing as 501(c)

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