Regardless of whether the tax season is very fast approaching or started a year before, don’t late prepare your taxes. If you delay, this task will forget the vital information or miss the tax deadline altogether. Prepare the tax before the time saves you from many troubles. If you face any problem related to tax preparation, consult any experienced consultant.

Why do we need to prepare tax?

Taxes are ever-changing. There are constant regulations in the tax rates and tax reliefs for actual and personal property. The most critical factor in tax preparation is that when you are going to hire a tax preparer, you know the tax return process. The deductible taxes should be in mind before making a file of taxes. A deductible is that subtracted from your total income. Suppose you are a foreign business owner and start your business in the U.S. and different parts of the world. In that case, you should be mindful when calculating total income and deductible expenses. You will also be responsible for choosing the correct forms to prepare all reports of all taxable transactions. This process might be quite complicated if you are the owner of a business. Also, suppose you are involved in import and export stocks, providing financial support for another person, or earning multiple sources. In that case, you may face difficulties in all the issues when you are preparing the taxes.

Tax preparation checklist

The USA tax laws are different for U.S. residents and foreign person conduct business in the USA. If you are a nonresident person, the U.S. income tax will only be applied to income from a U.S. source. It is important to note that you should know U.S. source income is affected by two different tax rates for effectively connected income (ECI) and fixed or determinable, annual, or periodic (FDAP) income. ECI refers to income produced by the start of a business in the U.S. or personal service income like money from the self-employment of wages of the other things. ECI is subject to a graduated tax rate, which means the tax rate will become higher or lower depending on the amount of your total income. FDAP refers to fixed, determinable annual periodical income sources like rent, royalties, dividends, interest, and other sources of income passively collected. FDAP income is taxed at a flat 30% rate unless some laws or tax treaty allows for a different pace.


Pakistan is facing the challenges in development regarding its economic situation the new government stepping. One of Pakistan’s difficulties in economic sustainability is the collection of tax and its GDP ratio, which is lowest from the world and leading the country to the financial crisis. The top priority for the government is to increase the tax 1.3 million three times higher than the current situation to fulfill the economy requirement for the country.

Under Pakistan’s tax law, every citizen having annual taxable income 400,000 or more required to file for their tax returns as the government tries to bring the more people inside the tax net. Mostly salaried people their taxes are already deducted from the source; they do not file for return tax due to the lack of knowledge and high cost to the engaging consultant to help them.

Global consultancy makes easy filling the tax for the people who do not know about taxes without engaging the expensive consultants. The purpose is to increase tax filers in the country. One of the essential goals of the Global consultancy is to educate the people how taxes are calculated on their income. The expensive consultant does everything on their own without the involvement of the filler. Still, the consultant gave knowledge step by step to their stuffing about the preparation of the taxes.